Invest and Earn

Purchase best suitable digital device package and avail multiple earning options or become a publisher and advertise on the behalf of advertisers. Earn assured monthly income.

Long-termed Commitment

With becoming a franchise you are part of well organized system based on deep market research and consumer behavior .We recommend to start with the minimum investment.


Get on-going support

Get connected with our team of experts to extract more and more from the opportunities you grab. Let us make you learn more with queries . Get regular updates via different mediums.

Enjoy Widespread Service

Becoming a franchise partner not only let you earn more but also enables you to be a part of large community of businesses which opens a door of great success for you.

How It works

Choose Model

Tulitab franchise provides three models E.g. Sales Franchise/ Screen Installation Franchise/ Publishing Franchise.

Purchase Package

Select the franchise package you want to get started with. We recommend to start with minimum package.

Get started

Right after you get verified you can start growing your business and able to grab impressive opportunities waiting for you.

What our partners say


"This is one of the best investments that I have made. I do not have to think about how I am going to cope with the loss. I get an assured monthly income even without putting much efforts. I only invested a minimum required amount, who will give me an opportunity like that? I recommend others to invest in the same."
"I bought the package a few months ago and a Tulitab screen was installed. It is one of the most trustable brands. I get a monthly income as promised and there are many things that I can do with it. I can manage advertisements and publish advertisements on behave of advertisers and earn additional income."
"First thing, I liked the idea of Tulitab; and this drew me to invest in the device. It works in a unique way and I believe that it will soon take over and outsmart all advertisement platforms that exist. Its uniqueness will soon draw people's attention; not only for investors but also for advertisers."

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